How this site works

RUA top of his webpage



A revolving collection of photos and graphics which are intended to capture/suggest the main themes and issues treated here.



On each page the Top Menu is divided into a handful of separate sections.  Let’s take them in order:

START:  Quick introduction to set the stage for first time visitors

ON AYRES:  General background and Vitae

PUBLICATIONS:  Books, edited books, journal articles, reports

PROJECTS:  Links and background information on current projects

EDITORIALS:  Selected editorials on key issues and aspects of work. (Some of these take you to the Exernomics site.)

MAROLOWE:  Ayres has done extensive detective work on the true authorship of the “Shakespearean” plays

AYRES ART:  Reproductions of paintings by Ayres

CONTACT:  Does what it promises



POSTINGS: Presents all postings, normally with just the first paragraph or two, with a one click link for those who wish to read the full piece.

TAGS: To the left next to the title, you will see under the Tags heading one or more tags that when clicked call up all postings in that group.

COMMENTS:  Comments are invited and here is where you place and find them on the article in question.

SHARE:  At the base of each article are a set of links for convenient sharing.  The Print/PDF program permits editing before printing.

bottom page share buttons


The entries in this column are intended to open up the contents of the site, which will eventually be quite large, for convenient reference.


CLICK FOR WEEKLY UPDATE: Easy and easy to adjust if you require less/more often notifications of postings.

SEARCH: Does what it says.  Pretty good search engine covering this site.

SEARCH BY TOPIC:  Handy way to find all articles within a given group.  Play with it a bit to see how it can be useful

SEARCH BY DATE: As above but serves to narrow down postings by year and month.

MOST READ RECENT REFERENCES:  Shows in order of popularity seven most consulted recent postings

CONTENTS:  Twenty last postings to the site

COMMENTS: Last seven reader comments

LATEST FROM EXERNOMICS:  Last ten postings to appear in Exernomics

KEY LINKS: A small selection of programs/projects to which we would draw your attention.

TRANSLATE:  Intended to help readers with limited English language reading skills to have rough idea of contents of the site.


# # #





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