“Henry George Reconsidered” : Dodson on Hellman on George

Henry George Reconsidered - book coverBack in 1987, a book was published titled “Henry George Reconsidered.” The author was a woman who had a long but not intimate association with the followers of Henry George in New York City. Her name was Rhoda Hellman.

Ms. Hellman’s book adds nothing to the details of Henry George’s life, the core arguments in his writings, or the early decades of the movement he started. Yet, as an outside observer she reached a number of thoughtful conclusions about why little of concrete result had been and was being accomplished.

If you have not previously come across this book, it might be worth a quick read, particularly those chapters that record her first-hand observations. Here is the direct link:

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And here for your reading pleasure the first page of his chapter on “economics professors”.

George and economics professors - extract from book

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Edward J DodsonEdward J. Dodson retired in 2005 after three decades of management and analyst responsibilities in the housing finance sector of the U.S. economy. For most of that time he has taught political economy and lectured on history at the Henry George School of Social Science and two other senior adult education program. He is the author of a three-volume work, “The Discovery of First Principles” and is a contributing writer to several periodicals devoted to promotion of the system of political economy developed in the late 19th century by Henry George. In 1997 he established the online education and research project, the School of Cooperative Individualism. He is a graduate of Shippensburg and Temple Universities in Pennsylvania.

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